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Doordash Grants for Restaurant Owners!

DoorDash is contributing $225,000 in direct, unrestricted grants to 45 restaurants in the City of Sacramento in the amount of $5,000 per restaurant.

The funds may be used for ANY expense - past or present. Restaurants will need to describe need in the grant application.  Grants will be distributed by a third-party grant vendor.


Expanding Our Main Street Strong Program to Further Empower Restaurants | by DoorDash | Jan, 2021 | DoorDash

Last year, we announced our Main Street Strong winter grant program, which initially allocated $2 million to small restaurants across Chicago, Denver, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and San Jose as they confronted the challenges wrought by COVID-19 during the cold weather months.In mid-November, DoorDash announced that as part of our five-year, $200 million Main Street Strong Pledge to ...


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